In Public Safety Education, Web Design, Revenue Cycle Management, and more.

FIRSTLINE Consulting Services is the only certified Disability Owned Business Enterprise (DOBE) providing public safety related consulting services in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We specialize in:

  • Public Safety Education
  • Public Education around disabilities and disability interactions with law enforcement
  • Web Design, Marketing, and Graphic Design services specifically tailored to public safety and the municipal market.
  • CPR Training, Educational Opportunities, and more for companies, organizations, and the public.


At FIRSTLINE Consulting Services, all of our members, employees, and contractors are Autistic-diagnosed, Autistic-identifying, or otherwise disabled.

By supporting us, you support meaningful employment for the disabled community.

85%  of autistic adults are unemployed. we can change that.



FIRSTLINE Consulting Services is an accredited continuing education provider with the Pennsylvania Department of Health, and the only Autistic-owned firm in the state providing our services.

Web Design

We offer services specifically tailored to municipal, public safety, and nonprofit partners. Deal with a local company that gets your needs; not a international firm.

Graphic Design

Our partners are experts at graphic design and marketing services; and we even offer bundle plans with our other services.

Information Technology

Much of today's business is technology based; we offer brick & mortar IT support and services, including PC repair, maintenance, VOIP phones, and much more. Rest assured knowing we know how time-sensitive your business is.

Revenue Cycle Management

With Certified Ambulance Coders (CAC) on staff, we're able to offer consultation on "Am I getting paid enough?" - the question plaguing any modern ambulance company. A outside opinion to audit your billing and revenue.

Disaster Planning

Nonprofits and even the smallest governments need to think about "The big one" in today's everchanging world. We'd like to help.